February 4th, 2009

Doctor Who - Martha more awesome than yo

Feeling rather low.


I'm my own worst enemy - I'm lamentably erratic at remembering to take my Citalopram, especially at weekend (Sarah - remind me in future! Ideally when I've got them with me!). But even so, feels a bit bleh. Still, I might be popping round to see mum and Antonia and the kids after work, and that always cheers me up.

And one way or another, I'm seeing Sarah on Friday. And I love her and she makes my life wonderful.

And I'm gradually tidying and cleaning the house and getting things boxed up for the move. And hopefully once we've moved Sarah's stuff to Bishop's Stortford at the weekend, we'll start doing serious work on the wedding invites. Which'll be nice.

*think positive thoughts*

*use positive icon*

Yes, that helps.