February 5th, 2009

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Things that have made me unreasonably fannish and geeky and squeeful today.

  • It's not up on their website yet, but according to the latest Doctor Who Magazine, Big Finish are to release audio adaptations of the "missing" season 23 - the one that got scrapped in the wake of the 1985 cancellation/hiatus. This will include The Nightmare Fair (wonder if they'll tempt Michael Gough out of retirement to play the Toymaker? And if not, who will they cast in the role) and Mission to Magnus (they'd better have Nabil Shaban as Sil or I'll sulk...)
  • The same issue of DWM contains an interview with Matt Smith which, combined with my watching of Party Animals just adds to my hunch that he'll make a bloody brilliant Doctor.
  • The main headline of our local paper the Essex Chronicle is: "Can we weather the Oncoming Storm?" Suffice it to say, I immediately thought of the Ka Faraq Gatri... *g*

In other news, I've taken my anti-depressants two days running (*yay!!!*), and have discovered that I can set a daily reminder on my 'phone to tell me to take them, so hopefully that'll be a bit useful at the weekend. I did lots of tidying up last night, ploughing through yet more paperwork, and realising that much of the stuff I've kept hold of for the past 15 years or more is really stuff that I don't need and (if I'm honest) don't really want. So, I've made a lot of progress, clearing space (although there's still loads to do). That feels really positive and even therapeutic. On the negative side, I came across a bag of stuff from Jane - various cards, notes, letters, etc. That was rather more difficult to deal with - actually very painful. Collapse ) It's hurting just to type this entry, actually. I'm taking that round to mum's after work tonight. I'm not sure I've got the strength to dispose of it - shredding, burning, whatever. I'll let mum deal with it.

That aside, Sarah's now got the keys for her new house in Bishop's Stortford, and - weather allowing - we're still on course for her moving in tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it, it should be a fun weekend. Everything stops on Sunday afternoon for Sarah to watch the rugby, but I'm hoping we'll have got most of the stuff unpacked by then anyway. I'm also hoping that on Sunday morning I might be able to pop into the Community Church - it's part of the same family of churches as the one I'm with at the moment, so it'd be nice.

The following weekend, Sarah's idea of a romantic Valentine's evening involves watching the English/Welsh rugby match (Sarah doesn't do romance...). A pubmeet of Merlin fans seems slightly more appealling, but I've not made up my mind...