March 10th, 2009

Pet Shop Boys - Story

Once a Pethead, always a Pethead.


On Sunday, I bought the Mail on Sunday. It cost £1:50.

I bought it because it contained a free Pet Shop Boys compilation CD, which included a sneak preview of the new album, Yes - the track, Did you see me coming, is frankly wonderful and has "potential hit single" written all over it.

It also contained the 10" mix of West End Girls, otherwise only available on the WEG 10" single which, in collectors circles, goes for about £80:00.

So financially, I've saved myself £78:50, which is pretty good going.

OTOH, I have to live with the eternal shame of buying a copy of the Mail.

Is that an acceptable trade-off? *searches soul*

(The really annoying thing is that I once owned a copy of the WEG 10" single - got it signed, IIRC - until a fellow PSB fan and supposed friend walked off with it. Mmph.)