March 12th, 2009

Being Human - Squee


...things get onto Youtube that get me really really excited.

In the absence of a commercial DVD release, anyone who's got the whole thing could really make my day by lending me a copy of this...I'm just saying. I've only been after it for most of the last 30 years...
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


I really am quite good at thinking "oh, this song would go really well with clips of this programme/actor/character", but then not actually doing anything about it because the sheer level of work involved in selecting clips and editing them together is kind of gotten-in-the-way-of by real life stuff.

So these are not things I'll necessarily do at any point soon, but just a reminder of my plans. If anyone else reading this list thinks, "oh, I can do that," feel free. I'll just have a percentage of the profits. Let me see, 15% of nothing is...oh, yeah, nothing. Well, just an "idea by..." credit, then...

Doctor Who The End of the World clips to The End of the World by Pet Shop Boys

Doctor Who The Girl in the Fireplace to Jealousy by Pet Shop Boys (with the Doctor on the horse crashing through the mirror as the orchestra comes in after the dum-dum dum dum-dum drum/timpani bit.

Being Human, mostly George, to Love is Colder than death by Erasure.

All the above I've actually done something on. The rest is where it all gets a bit nebulous.

Doctor Who - clips of the Master (it was going to be just the latest John Simm incarnation, but actually I quite fancy trying to include a clip from every TV serial he's been in, particularly "I always drezz for the occasion" from the TV Movie and the Delgado/Pertwee swordfight from The Sea Devils) to I didn't get where I am today by Pet Shop Boys.

Life on Mars - clips of Sam Tyler to Sexy Northerner by Pet Shop Boys.

Merlin - a Merlin/Arthur lovevid to A Kind of Magic by Queen.
Do not meddle in the affairs of slashers

Horne & Corden...

...was nowhere near as bad as I'd been led to believe. Started out a bit dull, admittedly, but soon picked up pace, although a couple of sketches seemed a bit misplaced. But even so, good fun, and absolutely chock full of rampant homoeroticism.