March 17th, 2009

Top Gear - man-love rules OK


Last night I watched the American episode of Top Gear, because I decided I needed a bit of a laugh. It was good fun. Tim enjoyed it too, although he'd seen it before. I'd quite like to go round America with a car daubed with "Man-love rules OK" on it. Even if I suspect I would get a bit of a pummelling. I'm looking forward to heading out there with Sarah at the end of May. Sarah's talking about renting a car when we get out there, so we'll get a bit of a taste of America when we're not actually at the convention.

Speaking of cars, I have a driving lesson tonight. My next theory test is less than a couple of weeks away, and I haven't done any practice on the hazard perception bit. *ulp*

For some reason, didn't watch Heroes last night. Doesn't help that I'm still a bit behind, having missed the second episode of the latest batch and then been a bit confused when I watched the third - who's where? Who's still got their abilities? What is the state of play with Peter? Should Sylar still actually be alive? I think that when I've got a free weekend I might do a proper catch up session.

Watched the new Stewart Lee programme, and quite enjoyed that. Couldn't help thinking that his delivery and accent made him sound a bit like Andy Zaltzman. y/n?

Anyway - time I headed off to work. I'm up to Nottingham tomorrow, so I probably need a nice early night tonight.
Blake's 7 - Maximum Power!

Blake's 7

Haven't noticed this mentioned anywhere, so anyone who's on my Flist and likes a bit of B7 may like to know that apparently the BBC are releasing audio book versions of Trevor Hoyle's B7 novelisations (or the first one anyway), read by Gareth Thomas and Paul Darrow.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

What Body of Water Are You?

You Are a Creek
You are a dynamic, energetic person. You tend to change quickly and often.
You are spirited and gleeful. You believe it's important to live a colorful life.

You are also quite brave. You are able to look past your fears.
You have what it takes to be very heroic. If the opportunity arises, you can use your strength.

Erm...right. Dynamic, energetic, brave, and heroic? This is me we're talking about??!