March 29th, 2009

Being Human - Squee

Suit you, sir...

So, yesterday was really rather good.

For starters, I passed my theory test. So, erm, YAY!!!

Then Sarah and I went to Moss Bros and got sorting out suits for the wedding - one for me, one for each of the four ushers, one for my dad, and one for Sarah's uncle Roger, who she's asked to give her away (and he's agreed).

I should be looking really smart for the wedding. I'm kind of hoping I might lose a bit of weight by then, too.

Looked in HMV for Yes, Etc (the limited double of the new Pet Shop Boys CD) but there were no copies, so I ordered it from Amazon when I got home.

Then I drove us up to Bishop's Stortford, and apart from a couple of bends where I really ought to have slowed down a bit more than I did, it was quite a smooth journey.

In the evening, Sarah fancied going to Frankie & Benny's. According to the website, the nearest one is in Stevenage. After the drive out there, I'm dubious about this (I'm sure Chelmsford would have been quicker to get to, for one thing...), but anyway, I have mixed feelings about F&B's - the food's nice, the service is good, but it tends to be one of the noisiest eateries I've ever been in. Fortunately, nobody was celebrating their birthdays yesterday (it may vary, but in the Chelmsford one, to mark a birthday, when the cake is brought in, there's a very loud and very cheesy rendition of "Happy birthday to you," followed by Cliff very loud singing "Congratulations." Don't get me wrong, I don't mind Cliff, but I object to being deafened - and given that I like my music quite loud, this should tell you a lot about how loud F&B's have their music...)

I'm generally in quite a good mood right now.
Mitch Ikea

Thw Now Show

I've got a spare ticket for the recording of The Now Show this Thursday (2nd April) (I haven't checked, but I presume it's at Broadcasting House).

Anyone want to join me?