April 6th, 2009

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

OMG Squee

The wedding rings have arrived.

They're at Sarah's place of work so I won't actually see them until the weekend, but they've arrived.

I've suggested we have a trial run. Just to see if they fit.

Incidentally, you know you've got problems somewhere down the line when one of the people you'd asked to be an usher (and had agreed to do so) replies to the invitation with, "I think I'm free that day, I'll let you know."

Or maybe that's just Matt's sometimes bizarre sense of humour.

Also, we spent a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon going over possible ideas for the order and wording of the service, and hymns & stuff, with the minister who's taking the service. She's so wonderfully joyful, it's positively infectious. If nothing else, I imagine the service is going to be an incredibly happy occasion.