April 17th, 2009

Torchwood - Ianto sexy

My brain may melt, but...

Okay...cost of an iPhone, £342.33.

Which is a lot of money to pay in one go, and allowing for all other expenses, not something I could afford.

Cost of an iPhone on a 24-month contract, free.

Well, okay, not technically free - the contract itself is £34.26 per month.

But assuming that on pay-as-you-go, I'm paying £10:00 a month.

So the iPhone is costing £24:26 per month.

Which over 24 months works out at £582.24, i.e. rather more than an iPhone would cost up front, but on the other hand, it's easier to pay that in 24 monthly chunks than to pay £342:33 up front.

And I'd be getting a lot more for that than I'm getting with my existing PAYG mobile.



I get paid on the 28th.

Is all I'm saying.

(Anyone who has an iPhone like to chip in here? Pros? Cons? Can I use my existing SIM card and thusly keep my existing number, or will I have to use a new number?)