April 20th, 2009

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Writer's Block: Shhhh

Would you ever go on a silent retreat? How long do you think you could go without talking?


I've sometimes thought about going on a retreat, but I don't know about a silent one. I like my music, for one thing. And I like to natter. But then Sarah and Tim and my mum would probably say I chatter inanely, so maybe some enforced silence would be good for me?

I'd actually like to go to a Quaker service. That would maybe be a good start.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

I don't need this pressure on me...

I don't exactly have the wildest, most exciting of social lives in the world (Tuesday: driving lesson; Wednesday: driving lesson; Thursday: Go to registry office and register intent to marry, followed by community group meeting; Friday: um, nothing, but new series of HIGNFY starts, so YAY!).

And as long term readers of this 'ere blog know, I likes meself a good quiz night.

But even so, I'm a little bit narked that I've committed myself to going to a quiz tonight.

That's tonight.

Tonight, as in "when this starts".

It'd better be a seriously good quiz.

Heck, we'd better win

Mind you, I did suggest to Tim that maybe we could go in our best '80s togs.

If I actually had any, that could be a plan.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


On the grounds that trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear (or in this case, applying tons of click, hiss, rumble, and general noise removal to something taken from scratched, warped and jumping vinyl in an attempt to get something vaguely listenable) isn't always a worthwhile endeavour, I think that this is really a fairly essential purchase come pay day.

This too, for that matter. The tracklisting of both is slightly out from the vinyl equivalent, although given that ultimately the CD versions have more tracks than hthe vinyl versions, that's not exactly a bad thing.

Anyone know if this has ever had a CD release? 'Cos my vinyl copy is equally knackered...

ETA: No, although I'm kind of thinking that it might be possible to get hold of large chunks of it from commercially released CDs. Hmm...
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