April 29th, 2009

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


...to Mitch Benn for this rather light-hearted contribution to the Swine 'Flu situation, from his Twitter:

"As a Goon Show fan, should I succumb to the H1N1 virus, I wish my epitaph to be 'You rotten swine flu, you have deaded me'."

As a Goon Show fan, that rather made me giggle.
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Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Just had...

...a very enjoyable evening at the local theatre seeing David Benson performing his Noel Coward show. Didn't know many of Coward's songs before I went in (just Sail Away and If Love Were All - both covered by Pet Shop Boys - and obvious ones like Mad Dogs and Englishmen and Mad About the Boy), so most of it was new to me, and I ended up being very impressed by Coward's skill as a lyricist, as well as Benson's performance and general coming across as a charming and nice bloke. Also kudos to pianist Stewart Nicholls for being generally really rather hugely talented. I am sick with envy, but in a nice way.

The last few days have been rather hectic, and the next few days will be too - went to see the nutritionist yesterday and then went round the corner to a local clinic to get a blood test (I'm allergic to having sharp objects stabbed into me. I bleed.). Then stayed at Sarah's overnight and travelled in to work from her place - no fun being on a bus that gets increasingly crowded with teenagers nattering away, but I've got to get used to it. Mind you, then I got to work which is full of nurses nattering away. I need peace and quiet!

Had to leave work a bit early to go to the GP today, at the suggestion of the nutritionist (basically, bottom line, I need to take a lot more care of myself), and have a couple of other appointments to go to in the next couple of weeks, as well as a third one to arrange, and I also need to go to the local hospital for another blood test, this time for my GP.

Tomorrow I'm going to the registry office (having dug up the necessary paperwork), then round to Antonia's for a little thingy for Jakob's birthday, and then probably to a community group meeting, and on Friday I've got a driving lesson followed by a quiz. And over the weekend, Saturday is going to be spent packing stuff in Chelmsford, whilst Sunday is going to be spent helping Sarah tidy in Bishop's Stortford. Might also take some of my books round to put on the bookshelf. Monday Sarah's on call for work, but I'm kind of hoping we'll get a chance to sit down and watch the recent David Starkey series about Henry VIII.

All go. I need a rest. Pity the holiday weekend won't really be it!