July 11th, 2009

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Torchwood - yes, again.

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I think I'll have to get round to writing my big slashy epic Torchwood/Supernatural/Being Human crossover with lots of Ianto/Sam, Jack/Dean, Ianto/George, Jack/Mitchell, and Ianto/Sam/George. And possibly Tosh/Annie.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Okay, I've no idea how that happened...

Over the years, I've been to see a fair few gigs, plays, etc., and - obsessive hoarder that I am - I've kept programmes, tickets, occasionally flyers as memorabilia.

Just lately, I've been sorting through all that paperwork, whittling it down, chucking stuff, and boxing up the rest to put into storage. Sometimes, I'll come across something for a play/gig/etc that I'd forgotten I'd seen - but the something will normally remind me about that play, gig, etc.

And then today, I came across a ticket that rang absolutely no bells whatsoever. So I speedily ran to my diary, and lo! and behold, confirmed that the information on the ticket was absolutely 100% correct. Despite not remembering a thing about it (and the diary entry not really provoking any memories, although it does at least explain where I got the T-shirt from), I went to see Dubstar at Heaven in 1996.

Even knowing that I went, my only memory of Heaven is from the Pet Shop Boys gig in 1991. It's like I've managed to wipe the Dubstar gig from my mind, despite not having any desire to do so.