September 8th, 2009

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Lord David of Mitchell... having a bit of a time of it next week. For one thing, there's the continuation of the latest series of Would I Lie To You, which I must confess I've not been following and only caught my eye 'cos I noticed that Dave Gorman's in it; then he's guesting on Mock the Week next Thursday, and to cap it all, Peep Show is back, so *yay* there. The Radio Times has given it rather a glowing write-up, which is good, although they lose points for saying, "Now entering its sixth series, which makes it [Channel 4]'s longest-running comedy," because *ahem* Drop the Dead Donkey *ahem*, which also made it to six series but had far more episodes per series than Peep Show, so AFAICT is likely to hold the crown for some time yet.
Merlin - Merlin and Arthur ♥

Oh, that's *so* not fair.

Merlin is back (and I know some folks on my Flist went to the preview on Sunday, and seem to have enjoyed it muchly), which should be a cause for much rejoicing.

Except that it's coming back on Saturday 19th September.

When I'll be slightly busy getting married.

Oh well. Suspect I'll be catching it on iPlayer during our not-quite-a-honeymoon in Swanage...

Things that really wind me up...

So I'm driving along, doing the speed limit - sometimes a bit below, sometimes a teeny bit over, but basically hovering in that general area - when some utter wazzock who's been up my backside for the last few minutes suddenly decides to tear past me.

Really, I'm not the sort of person to wish ill on anybody, but *sheesh* I hope he gets caught by a speed camera...