September 23rd, 2009

Welsh flag


On Friday, I picked up Sarah's post from Stortford. One rather interesting package turned out to be Joint Life Membership to Heritage in Wales. Which is great - we love going to Wales (although we don't do it anywhere near enough) but Sarah hadn't applied for this herself so it's obviously some sort of present. Trouble is, there's no indication of who it's from. The timing suggests that it's some sort of wedding present, but given that it's in Sarah's maiden name, it's presumably from someone who doesn't know my surname.

And then we looked at the paperwork and found that this present had cost whoever-it-was £709:00!!!

To say we're overwhelmed would be putting it mildly. I hope we find out who our so-far-anonymous benefactor is, so we can express our gratitude.

The current thinking is that it might be from a couple of Sarah's work colleagues who didn't make it to the wedding. But whoever it was...WOW.

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Food rec

A bit unusual, this, but can I just say, anyone who's in the Swanage area, I strongly recommend the restaurant Fisherman's Catch. Sarah and I have just come back from a lovely meal there (I had the Cod Italienne) and we've both had enjoyable eating experiences there in the past. Tonight's was one of those rare occasions where I was moved to give my compliments to the chef, and I figure if it's good enough for that, it's good enough for reccing to my Flist.
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Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Wednesday 23rd September 2009

We made a couple of 'phone calls this morning. (I say "we". I mean "Sarah".) As a result of one of them, we've found out who our anonymous benefactor is. I'd best not mention it in an unlocked post - I don't think they meant to be anonymous, but just in case.

And a result of the second one, we've sorted out meeting up with __wilderness__ on Saturday on our way back from Swanage.

This morning, after all the usual getting ready, Sarah and I went out on a boat trip round the harbour - we'd promised ourselves that we'd do that after missing out on it during our weekend in Swanage last year. I was really glad that we did, too, because it was really rather splendid; there were some lovely views of the cliffs - they really are rather impressive - and of the scenery in general, the "Jurassic Coast" as it's called. I took lots of pictures, many of which will probably be uploaded to Facebook sooner or later.

Unfortunately, after two really glorious days, today the weather got a bit overcast, and indeed it rained some of the time when we on the boat. Mind you, sometimes it was hard to tell whether the water was coming from above or below..! It wasn't exactly a smooth ride. It's a good job I don't get seasick.

This afternoon, Sarah went back to the place where she'd got the table photos from the wedding reception developed, to pick them up. We had a very pleasant time looking through them; although many of them suffer from being taken without flash, and even the ones that have used a flash suffer from generally low light, and there are quite a few that are obviously taken by kids running around with cameras and pressing the button indiscriminately, there are some rather lovely pics in there, of us and of our friends and family. So I'm kind of happy with that.

This evening, inspired by the boat trip, we took the car out to Durlston, where we had tea and cakes at the Lookout Café, went down to the Great Globe (where more pictures were taken) and then had a clifftop walk before heading back to the hotel.

For dinner this evening, we went to The Fisherman's Catch, where I had the Cod Italienne, which was so good I ended up giving my compliments to the chef (not something I do often). It was basically cod, baked in a tomato sauce, covered with grated cheese. I'll probably cook some food for me and Sarah like that, it was so nice (although I doubt the end results will be that good...)

Unfortunately, after such a nice day, back at the hotel Sarah had a go at me for me still eating badly, which was a bit of a naff note to end the day on.