September 29th, 2009

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Bored to Death

No, not a description of my current state of mind - I'm not at work yet (!). (Unfair - I actually quite like being at work. I know, I'm just odd.)

No, Bored to Death is a new US comedy (info here). The ads look kind of interesting, in a vaguely-reminiscent-of-Malcolm-Pryce's-novels kind of way (as they're both aping the noir genre, that's possibly unsurprising..! *g*). Just wondered if anyone who'd seen it could recommend it? Worth checking out? Or worth avoiding like the plague?

(For that matter - are Malcolm Pryce's novels any good? I keep meaning to check them out...)
Merlin - subtext

Letter in Radio Times

There's a wonderful letter in next week's Radio Times (3rd - 9th October), with which I suspect some folks round these parts will be in full agreement:

I wish to express my desire for a plot development in Merlin (Saturdays BBC1) that many will have imagined - a romance between Merlin and Arthur. There's undeniable chemistry. Subtle comments and glances are continually exchanged. Merlin himself acknowledges: "Everything I do is for him." It would be a waste if Arthur were simply paired off with Gwen and Merlin with Morgana. The show has taken an unorthodox approach to Camelot - why not take it in another new direction?

Holly Angel


Shall we have a vote? All those in favour? *g*
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

I think it's just possible...

...that I could fall in love with Hugh Jackman after this.

Incidentally, if anyone feels like treating me to a flight to the USA and a ticket to the play, I wouldn't object. Either that, or persuade 'em that a transfer to the West End would be a really nice idea...