January 5th, 2010


No fathers, one son...

OK, so spot the problem with Virgin1's run of The X Files season 6:

Tuesday 22nd December: SR-819

Wednesday 23rd December: Tithonus

Thursday 24th December: One Son

Friday 25th December: Agua Mala

Monday 28th December: Monday

...so, they've missed episodes before, but...I'd've thought if you're going to show the second part of a two-parter (One Son) it would kind of make sense to show the first part (Two Fathers) as well..?

Pooh - bear of very little brain

Ice, Ice Baby

I just love those moments when you spend 15 minutes de-icing the car and then you turn it on and then the little indicators in front of you *beep* and flash a little sign saying "Risk of ice" and you think "no, y'don't say..."

Yesterday when I arrived at work one of my colleagues asked me if it had got warmer. Well, according to the car the temperature had gone from -4 to -3. I don't know if that's quite what she meant, but...
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Oh, *rabbits*

So far, I've got ideas for *counts* seven fanvids* which, having finished one for the merlin_santa gift exchange recently, I'd like to make some progress on this year.

Rather annoyingly, listening to this song has given me an idea for an eighth (Doctor Who, tenth Doctor-centric)...

I guess I'd better get started. I think I'll make it a new year's resolution, to try to get one fanvid done per month, instead of having ideas and then doing nothing with them...

*The ideas are:

Being Human, George-centric, to Erasure's Love is Colder than Death. This is actually still sitting on my harddrive half-finished, so it'll probably be the first one I do. It's all clips from the pilot, and I'm pretty sure I started it before the series had aired.

Doctor Who, clips from The End of the World to Pet Shop Boys' The End of the World. I started this but wiped it (I think - I might have kept a copy somewhere, but if so I've no idea where, but it's going to be one of the easier ones as it's one episode, so it'll be one of the first I do.

Doctor Who, clips from The Girl in the Fireplace to Pet Shop Boys' Jealousy. Same state of play as End of the World

Life on Mars, Sam Tyler-centric, to Pet Shop Boys' Sexy Northerner. I will, of course, have to watch through every episode of Life on Mars as research for this. Still, could be worse...and at least I've got a fair idea of what I'm looking for...

Doctor Who, clips of the Master (ideally from every serial he's appeared in, although I originally had in mind for it to be very Simm-centric) to Pet Shop Boys' I didn't get where I am today. The research for this will be rather more longwinded than the Life on Mars one, although there are a few sections where I've got very specific clips in mind...but others where it could be just anything

Harry Potter, sort of general (possibly focussing on character deaths...I know, so cheerful...) to Queen's The Show Must Go On

Paradox - bit of a vague one, as I've not properly watched it yet but I was thinking of doing some clips from it to the song Paradox by The Church...
Rover demands an explanation

Oh, great...

So, just before Christmas we learned that the people who were buying Sarah's house in Barking were, well, no longer buying Sarah's house in Barking.

We're now having difficulty raising the estate agents on the 'phone, and - for reasons I'm not entirely sure why - Sarah believes they may have gone into liquidation over the Christmas period.


We will move house eventually, honestly.