January 7th, 2010

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Two weeks late? Fifty weeks early? You decide...

As the latest batch of snowy weather is making me feel all Christmassy (I feel a Box of Delights rewatch coming on...), I thought it was high time I got round to posting pics of our attempts at Christmas decorations.

These consisted of draping a couple of bits of tinsel over The Horde.

You haven't met The Horde? Collapse )

Now, it's probably time we took the decorations down...

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

eBay yay!

D'y'ever have one of those times when you order something from a popular well-known internet auction site and it takes so long to arrive that you're starting to think it might be worth emailing the seller just to check?

And then, after a grim day driving to and from work (work itself was fine; just the journey was grim), you arrive back home and lo! there it is on your doormat!

Which is another way of saying, I've now got a copy of the novel(isation) of Dark Season by Russell T Davies. Yippee!!!

Also, Smith's in Bishop's Stortford were selling copies of David Nicholls' Starter for 10 as part of a 3 for £10:00 (or £4:99 each) deal, so I picked that up yesterday.

Which goes some considerable way to make up for the fact that the book I'm reading at the moment is possibly the worst travesty ever inflicted on humankind in the name of an officially sanctioned sequel. Half way through (hence only "possibly" the worst), no sign of an actual plot, and please, Mr Colfer, lots and lots of silly names =/= humour. (At least Adams' silly names actually made sense when you thought about them - e.g. "Great hyperlobic omnicognate neutron wrangler" - as opposed to being a string of syllables strung together in no particular order. Well, apart from "Slartibartfast", but that was just to sound as rude as possible without actually being rude. And to annoy the typist...)