April 17th, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Saturday 17th April 2010

Sarah and I got up really very early for the drive over to Stortford. I was still a bit drained from the drive last night, and decided that, all things considered, I really couldn't be bothered with having a shower or anything, so I just pulled a brush through my hair and we set off, arriving at Hunts by about 8:00am (after a brief stop off at the house to empty the car). Rather annoyingly, despite Sarah originally telling me that she reckoned the MOT process would take about 45 minutes, we were told that the car would be ready by about 11:00am.

After dropping off the car, our first port of call was Subway, where I had my usual (chicken, sweetcorn and tomatoes on a foot long Italian herb & cheese), but made the mistake of trying out an experiment, having melted cheese on the chicken. Didn't think that much of it, and ended up only having half the sub. Ahem.

Then back to the house (on the way back, I took a photo of this shop, something I've been meaning to do for ages, where we set about getting as much stuff either into boxes, or at the very least ready to go into the car, as we possibly could. We pretty much cleared the lounge, the bathroom, the bedroom and the back bedroom, and even managed to make a start on the kitchen (although it later turned out that one of the boxes I'd filled, I had in fact managed to overload to the point that Sarah couldn't lift it - it was too heavy and when she tried, the handles tore through. Whoops...)

When the car finally arrived (complicated by the fact that apparently there was a problem with one of the tyres needing to be replaced), we hurriedly loaded it and then I drove us down to Chelmsford, leaving Sarah at the APU for her OU tutorial, whilst I returned to Tim's. There, I dropped CT Solutions an email about the iMac (as it's still not working), but their email back said that I'd need to take it to an AASP. Not sure why they're unable to help in this instance, as they were fine about replacing the faulty power unit last year, but there y'go.

Also at Tim's, I watched last night's Ashes to Ashes, replete with possibly anachronistic musical choice (Two Tribes used as backing for the 1983 general election; however, as it wasn't actually music-heard-by-the-characters, I dispute whether it was genuinely an anachronism...). Good, but not as good as the first couple of weeks episodes.

Sarah came back and picked up the car (and then engaged in a mammoth stint of driving - back to Chorleywood where she dropped off what we'd loaded, then back to Stortford to pick up more stuff, then back to Chorleywood again). Apparently, there may be a problem tomorrow, as it looks like Rita's come down with some sort of bug and may not be able to help out with packing and driving and provision of an extra car. Which could cause potential delays, although I suspect we'll still get it all out of the way before the end of the weekend.

Mum rang me this evening and asked if I'd like to go with her to see The Ghost, which (despite the whole being-directed-by-Roman-Polanski thing) seems like a reasonable idea, so we're probably going to see it on Tuesday.

Anyway, I watched tonight's Doctor Who, which was good although I'm still not sure about the new-look Daleks, and then Confidential which I was less enthusiastic about. Tim and I did a bit of Beatles Rock Band before watching tonight's HIGMoreNFY (David Threlfall, odd choice of guest panellist; and incidentally, David Threlfall =/= David Thewlis), after which I headed up for bed.