May 11th, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

I wish I were a gambling man...

...'cos I pretty much predicted (albeit only in conversation with Sarah) that, whatever the outcome of the election, Mr. Brown would step down as leader of the labour party shortly after the votes were in.

Any word on who's stepping up as potential candidates for the job, or is it a bit too early for that? Personally, I'm tempted to say - on the basis of her words about the BNP last week - that Margaret Hodge would be a good choice. But that's without knowing whether she'd even consider putting herself forward for it.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

TV stuff

Just got the latest Radio Times. There's some rather interesting looking stuff on next week, bookended by episode 7 of the latest run of Doctor Who on Saturday, and the closing episode of Ashes to Ashes on Friday (but there's still this Friday's to look forward to yet..!).

Worried about the Boy - about Boy George - looks rather interesting, not least for the cast list (Matthew Horne as Jon Moss, Mark Gatiss as Malcolm McLaren, and Marc Warren as Steve Strange? Yep, count me in!).

Also in the Beeb's '80s season that night, Girls and Boys - Sex and British Pop (a repeat, but looks like it could be worth a watch anyway) and Heaven 17: Live in Concert, followed the following evening by Heaven 17: The Story of Penthouse and Pavement.

Sunday's Lewis has Alan Davies in it, and in a plot close to my heart, it centres around a weekend for professional quizzers. I wonder if I'll get the answers right?

Speaking of Lewis, I really ought to catch up with the first two eps of the current series. It made the mistake of starting when I was away...

FlashForward continues on Monday. I'm a few episodes behind, actually, but even so, still enjoying it immensely.

Is Luther any good?

And next Friday's Mastermind has a round on the Pliocene and Galactic Milieu novels of Julian May. Be fun to see if I manage to get any of them right... (I suspect not, it's been a few years since I last read them...but y'never know).

In US telly, I really ought to catch up on Chuck and Supernatural - the latter of which I think I've seen two episodes of the current season. Doesn't help with the iMac still playing up and me not having access to my divx player - these days if I want to watch something, the "best" way of doing so involves converting it to an iPhone compatible format (one of the few things the iMac will do, although getting it to boot in Safe mode is increasingly difficult...) and watching it on there...still, I've unexpectedly got Saturday free of commitments, so I could always do a bit of catching up then...
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Family pride

Just caught the closing credits of Luther and noticed that my sister worked on it (dialogue editor - Emma Pegram). I mean, she does a lot of that kind of work (she also worked on the biopic of Gracie Fields that starred Jane Horrocks), but even so, y'know, w00t!!!