May 17th, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

I realise...

...that under the circumstances this really needs to be filed under "Darned Good Thing Too," but did I ever mention how happy Sarah makes me? (Very happy indeed, for the record.)

On the negative side, the point where I move in with fully at her mum's has had to be delayed again - we'd already shifted it back from this weekend just gone to the weekend of the Spring bank holiday, but have now had to delay again because her mum's house is going to be having some major work done it which will mean no kitchen and no bathroom for two weeks. Mmph. So I'm still staying with Tim until June 14th.

But who knows - by then we might have sold Sarah's house in Barking and be on the verge of moving into Hemel Hempstead. Certainly, another person has put in an offer and had a survey done today, so...who knows..?