June 12th, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Saturday 12th June 2010

Tim was out during the evening, and probably quite a bit before that. He might have been off to see Sam, or to a gig, or something, but I genuinely don't remember.

I've no doubt I spent at least a fair amount of time on Lego Star Wars, but I also started watching those romcom DVDs that I'd bought at the weekend, making a start on Music and Lyrics (great fun, as Hugh Grant's always good fun and I adore Drew Barrymore) before moving on to Two Weeks' Notice (maybe a bit less fun, but not bad). And I'm still going through my pizzas and (proper) lemonade from Sainsbury's kick at the moment, so that should give a pretty good idea of how the day itself was spent..!

This evening I watched Doctor Who, whilst also taping it for Tim. I had kind of hoped to have had a shower and be able to pop out and get some food in - both nibbles and enough for a proper meal - but in the event, neither were to be. But anyway - today's episode, The Lodger, was the Gareth Roberts-penned, Amy-lite, James Corden-starring episode, and I thought it was brilliant. Even if it did have some football in it (football being, this being the time of the World Cup, something I'm really rather eager to avoid right now!!! Especially the match that was on tonight..!). I was taking part in the doctoreleven discussion post whilst it was airing, and thought (and commented) that if/when Amy and Rory leave, I wouldn't object to James Corden's character and his girlfriend coming in as new companions.

I sort of lost interest in Confidential halfway through, and ended up going to the computer and faffing around on that before going to bed.