June 13th, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Sunday 13th June 2010

Started off the day with plans for downloading a fair bit of the latest batch of telly. Also, watched Miss Congeniality, which I entered with no real idea what to expect, but I think it was possibly my favourite of the romcom DVDs in that three set; certainly that and M&L were fabulous, and TWN was okay but maybe not great. So at a mere tenner for the three, I definitely got my money's worth!

Sarah was unwell, and there had been a possibility that I'd drive over to see her, but I was feeling a bit shonky myself - not massively so, but I could feel myself dropping off quite a lot during the day and didn't feel that setting out on a two-hour minimum round trip on the M25 was necessarily a good idea, so I stayed at home. I think I may have done a bit of tidying up or cleaning, but I honestly don't remember. I'm pretty sure Tim was still away, but came back towards the afternoon/evening and watched Doctor Who Confidential, for which I joined him having not watched the ending, but I think he'd already seen the episode last night.

That aside, I can't remember much of today's happenings.