June 26th, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Saturday 26th June 2010

Today was a Good Day. Nothing profoundly special, but my life is gradually taking on some kind of shape and order and routine. I've been working from a new catch-up schedule since Monday, got a bit behind, but today at least I managed to get all the diary entries done that I'd scheduled since then - three a day, so eighteen in total, so I'm very nearly back to the start of June.

And I realised that scheduling a lot of tidying up to do is really vastly silly when all your possessions are either in boxes or limited to one tiny room. So that makes things easier.

And I went out to Sainsbury's. That should have happened in the morning, although it ended up in the afternoon, just ahead of a slightly belated lunch, but as getting into a habit of a weekly shop is something important to my sense of routine, that felt good, even if lack of funds meant it wasn't a proper bulk buy - just enough stuff to see me through to Monday lunch; Monday evening we're going to Claire's for a little gathering to celebrate Rita's birthday, Tuesday breakfast I'm sorted for, but on Monday evening I'll have to do a little shop; I'll probably make sure that covers me through until Wednesday evening at the latest, although I might try to do a full week's worth (well, up until Saturday, at any rate).

Got cracking on my latest batch of reading - Nation by Terry Pratchett. After that, it's going to be a case of digging up a book from one of the several "to be read" books that are currently in the spare room and seeing what comes out, with the two caveats that a.) I'm preferring to stick to fiction for the time being and b.) I'll try to read all the Tiffany Aching books in order, and ideally in one go.

Anyhew, pizza for lunch, and for dinner I did myself some cod in cheese sauce, which was very pleasant, even if I did accidentally manage to burn one of Rita's saucepans.

Tonight, of course, was the season finale of Doctor Who, and it was good...but there were (or at least seemed to be) some questions unanswered, although at least one of those as far as I can tell was deliberate as the Doctor mentioned it at the end of the episode, so we can only hope that it will be addressed in either the Christmas special or in the "sixth" season.

You know you're obsessed, by the way, when in the course of a bit of channel surfing you find an episode of Jonathan Creek and decide to start watching it...and then decide to Sky+ it so you don't miss any of it even though you've got all of the episodes on DVD in a box upstairs. Although in my defence, actually finding the relevant box, and actually being able to get it in a position to be able to remove any of the DVDs from it, are by no means guaranteed... Sarah was doing a lot of digging through some boxes today to find some documents for the house move, and re-organised them afterwards, so I've no idea what's where at the moment...

Sarah and Rita watched a documentary about "what makes a good tenor", and I joined them in the lounge for that whilst eating dinner. Then when it was over, I pretty much headed straight for bed on the understanding that I'd clear up the mess in the kitchen tomorrow morning...