July 2nd, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Writer's Block: The tenth time's the charm

What movie have you seen the most times in your life? How many times have you seen it? Will you ever grow tired of it?

Not 100% sure as I've not exactly kept count, but very probably Titanic, which I saw twice at the cinema when it came out, and then used to watch about once every six months after it was on TV and I had it on tape. Also, I've watched it a bit more since it came out on DVD, and I remember one week I watched it about three times (although at least one of those I started it in the 1912 segment and didn't bother with the present day 1996 stuff).

Running that a close second and third (but I'm not sure which way round) would be Love, Actually (which is still my favourite of the Curtis/Grant romcoms) and the Back to the Future trilogy - Part II in particular, when it came out in the cinema I went to see it once a week, every Saturday evening, and because it wasn't showing at the local cinema in Chelmsford that meant a train ride to Brentwood every week. I obviously liked it a lot if it was worth that! But sadly my DVD of the trilogy is region 1 and I don't at the moment have a region 1 player. :o(
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Plans for the weekend...


  • Hopefully at least watch last night's Mock the Week
  • And tonight's The IT Crowd, if I stay awake long enough.
  • Fill out form to temporarily register with GP in Chorleywood
  • Quality time with Sarah.


  • Forbidden Planet
  • Pride. I might join a marching group in the parade (possibly the Bi group, possibly the Christians at Pride group; both of whom wear purple. And I don't own anything purple. But when I am old...), I might just generally join in the fun.
  • Hopefully meeting up with tlanti, maiafire, and...well, anyone else who fancies being in London tomorrow?


  • Church - found a really nice Methodist church in Hemel Hempstead that it'd be nice to settle in once we've moved there. Went there last week, expect I'll go back again this week.
  • Chelmsford - dropping stuff off/picking stuff up from Tim and mum, and hopefully seeing Antonia & Richard & their kids.

Other stuff:

  • Watched the first ep of Rev. eventually. Not bad, kind of like The Office for ordained ministry. Didn't make me laugh out loud, admittedly, but I enjoyed it. Tom Hollander and Olivia Coleman are worth watching it for.

  • On a kind of related note, saw the write-up for Priest in SFX the other day, and...it looks positively bizarre (a "superhero vampire-western horror film"? That seems to cover most of the bases...).

  • Caught a trailer for Identity the other day, and that looks like it could be good - Keeley Hawes, Holly Aird, Aidan Gillen in what'll be (if I watch it) the first thing I'll've seen him in since Queer as Folk, the trailer certainly looked good...OTOH, the write-up in the Radio Times didn't seem too positive, but heck - I can watch one episode, see if I like it...

  • And lastly, Christoper Nolan's new film Inception looks like it should be rather amazing. I may have to actually drag m'self to a cinema to see that one.