July 10th, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Gratuitous video post:

I just love this - Firefly a la '80s:

And for sheer nostalgic value - and making me a bit :o( 'cos my Firefly DVDs are currently in a box about 40 miles away. On the bright side, it looks like the whole house moving thing could be sorted out in the next few weeks:

And - mainly for Sarah - proof, if any were needed, that Stephen Fry may be a multi-talented polymath genius, but a sense of tune and timing are two things he lacks:

(I may have linked to that before, but *meh*, Fry & Laurie is always a good thing.)

And speaking of which, hullo. We're talking about language:

...worth it just for the look on Hugh's face at 2:39...

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Saturday 10th July 2010

Today was a fairly slow day, given Sarah & Rita's decision not to go into town. And the heat was fairly sapping, which kind of suited a slow day anyway. I set up the fan by the bed, but it didn't do much good. In a moment of TMI, I was stripped down to my underwear, but even that combined with the fan didn't do much good.

This morning I started watching Thursday's Mock the Week, only to discover rather disappointingly that it was a repeat of the previous week's episode (what's the point of that??!); then last night's The IT Crowd which was rather delightfully surreally funny as usual and which sent me off in search of this insane design that Roy was wearing on his T-shirt; and finally Monday's Identity, which wasn't wonderful (overall I sort of thought it was trying too hard, if that makes sense), but I'll probably stick with for a little while if only 'cos of the cast (although Keeley Hawes is a bit disappointingly bland, IMO, and Holly Aird is reduced to a cipher sitting at a desk, Aidan Gillen is great and I want to believe in a fitting kind of crossover that he's Stuart Jones under an assumed identity...).

That prescription still hasn't shown up. Hopefully it'll arrive by Monday, although realistically that'll mean I don't have any Citalopram until Tuesday at the earliest (depending on when Rita's able to go to the pharmacy).

For lunch we went to the Harvester (Two Bridges, or whatever it's called), which was pleasant (I had the Simply Chicken, as per usual), and then back home I gave mum a 'phone call - it was nice to talk to her and catch up on all the news from back home, and I told her how things are going on with the house sale.

This afternoon I finally finished reading Nation, which sort of got interesting in the final 100 pages or so, but it hadn't half been a long slog getting there. Then I started A Madness of Angels, which...the text is far denser than Nation, which means it's going to take me a lot longer to read it, but heck, it's a far more interesting book. Also added Nation and the two Kate Griffin books to my Librarything, and scanned in the covers. Kinda decided I might do a bit more of that over the next few days. See how it goes, though.

I had planned to pop out for some shopping. The first plan was to go to Sainsbury's. That morphed to just popping down the road to Budgen's. And eventually I decided I couldn't be bothered and just decided to order a pizza. Which after having the started I didn't have the appetite for the pizza itself, so I'm going to have that tomorrow. Oh well...

Spent a fair bit of time this evening burning more video stuff to DVD-R, the time-consuming way of copying it over to my external hard drive and then burning it to disc using Sarah's laptop. Time consuming, but I'm gradually getting it done. Tonight's work was Doctor Who (Season 5, Disc), Have I Got News For You (Season 39, and also the extended version), and Lewis (Season 4), as well as the Man from Uncle episode of The A-Team that I d/led for Sarah the other night. The only main thing still outstanding is Going Postal, and then it's just ongoing programmes to deal with. They'll probably end up being shoved onto my external HD when we move, and hopefully at some point we'll be able to get the Mac working and then - hey presto!.

I was doing that while Sarah and Rita watched Simon Boccenegra on BBC2, starring Placido Domingo. Opera, I will admit, doesn't quite do it for me. But Sarah certainly seemed to enjoy it. She said she's like to see Domingo's Otello, so I ordered that on DVD for her.