July 14th, 2010

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Writer's Block: No place like home

What are five things you love about where you live and five things that you hate? How does it compare to previous places you've lived?

Don't know if I can come up with five of each, but let's have a looksee...


1.) It's aesthetically a very nice part of the world - not just the house and its garden itself, but also it's got a very nice common nearby for walks, and it's not far from the proper actual countryside, so all things considered, it's rather pleasant.

2.) I'm with family. Specifically, Sarah, and also her mum. Possibly not the most ideal living arrangment, but it's better than being with people I don't know. And having had to live apart from Sarah for a couple of months, I wouldn't go back to that for the world.

3.) It's not far from London - half an hour on the Chiltern line, a bit longer on the Met line when that's running.

4.) Lots of the neighbours have cats. I like cats, and as I'm not owned by one myself, it's nice to meet other people's cats.

That's about it on the "love" side. So...


1.) Hills! I can cope with walking down them - which I need to do to go to Budgens or the railway station - but coming back them up again afterwards isn't great. Sarah would, of course, dismiss them as being "slight inclines", but then I come from one of the flatter bits of Essex and a slight incline seems like a hill to me.

2.) The M25 roadworks! Which isn't actually part of where I live, but whilst I'm living there it's an obstacle I have to pass to go to work and back. I won't miss it when we move.

3.) Lack of decent shops - all Chorleywood has is a Budgens and some smaller shops. If I want to go to, say, a larger supermarket or a big book shop a la Waterstones, I need to either drive into Watford (not my favourite pastime) or go to London.

As for comparisons with other places I've lived...it's okay. It has its strengths and its weaknesses. I probably preferred my time in both Chelmsford (where, to be fair, I lived for ten years as opposed to the two or three months at most I'll be in Chorleywood) and Bishop's Stortford (which had better shopping facilities and no hills to speak of). We're only there temporarily anyway - hopefully the move to Hemel Hempstead will be sorted out within the next two or three weeks - but I tend to regard anywhere that I'm staying for longer than a couple of nights (even on holiday) as "home", so I'm kind of determined to enjoy it come what may.
Working for the banana marketing board

Things I've discovered today.

1.) The mighty @steven_moffat has a twitter feed. Through which I've learned that his & Mark Gatiss's Sherlock Holmes will be hitting the airwaves on July 25th. Is that a Saturday? I think that's a Saturday.

2.) The lorries with which I share the M1 don't half look like Jawas' Sandcrawlers as they trundle along...

3.) Collapse )

4.) Erasure is really good music to drive to. Especially my self-compiled "Erasure remixed" which just compiles the best remixes (IMHO) of all of their singles until the mid-90s; well, the best remises up until You Surround Me, after which I never made any decisions on what was "best", so I've just got every remix of their singles from that point. Which gets a bit boring for Chorus.

Pop! Remixed and The Phantom Bride EP, both of which I bought from iTunes recently, are also not bad.