July 30th, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Techie squee

I have a Sony Vaio netbook. It's small and brown and...well, doesn't do much at the mo 'cos it's not powered up yet, but even so I'm a wee bit excited!!!

Also the other day I ordered the first volume of Scott Pilgrim (SP's Precious Little Life) to see if that's any good, and it arrived today and yeah, liking it so far. Hoping to read the other five in readiness for the film (an easier task than, say, reading through the first six Harry Potter books in six weeks ahead of The Deathly Hallows' release; the first volume of SP took me a mere half hour over lunch).

Incidentally, the creator of SP a.) has a Livejournal blog and b.) is doing a signing at London's Forbidden Planet on August 17th. If the other five volumes live up to the promise of the first (and if Sarah and I aren't busy moving house) I might go alomg to that.