September 1st, 2010

Doctor Who - Eleven home

Writer's Block: Ground Control to Major Tom

What kind of craft would you design to travel through time and space? How would it work? What would it look like?

Well, it would have to be dimensionally transcendental, it would work...erratically, would be the generous way of putting it, and it would look like a blue police box (but, per the first point, would of course be bigger on the inside than the outside).

Quelle surprise, I think. Wonder how many other people have made that suggestion.

(Well...if the police box isn't available, I'd go with a DeLorean. But I'd be thinking of the police box.)
Blake's 7 - logo

Telly stuff

There are pics of the Supernatural season 6 opener out in the world wide web-o-sphere. Can't be bothered posting links to them right now, but it makes me a little bit excited just to see them. Also we have the Merlin season 3 launch event at the South Bank (I think it's there) next weekend, the series itself starts the following weekend, and next Monday there's Doctor Who at the proms on the telly-box.

All good stuff.

Meantime, thanks to Rita (mum-in-law)'s Sky+ I've started catching up with some Fringe, Chuck and Leverage. And when I was in Sheffield over the weekend I treated myself to the Fringe season 1 box set, on the basis that a.) it was only £20:00 and b.) I've sort of seen occasional episodes on Sky, but I've not really followed, but c.) I do quite like what I've seen of it so far. Enjoying working my way through the box set.

The other thing I really want to pick up on DVD is Stargate: Universe, on the basis that a.) I've always wanted to watch some Stargate, b.) there's a lot of SG1 and SGA to work through, but SGU seems to be a good jumping-on point, and c.) Robert Carlyle; nuff-sed. Curiously, the DVD wasn't in HMV at Meadowhall when I checked, but Wikipedia reckons it's been released. Might order it online.

Also, seeing as the Blake's 7 season boxsets are down to about £15:00 or so on Amazon, I think I might start getting them. It really is high time.

And a few weeks back, my least favourite Doctor Who serial (Silver Nemesis) was released on DVD, and in a couple of weeks, my second least favourite Doctor Who serial (Time and the Rani) will be released on DVD. I am, of course, a completist, and have bought/will buy them (respectively). Both, if I'm utterly honest, have things to recommend them (T&TR more so than SN, IMO, but the latter is growing on me). I'm hoping that the DVDs will help me to re-evaluate them properly. Mind you, I've still not properly watched The Dominators since buying it.

Oh, and apparently the Character Options Amy 5" figure has now been released. Must get! I now have three versions of the Eleventh Doctor (two in the Crash set, and one in the Eleven Doctors box), so it seems only fair.
Welsh flag


Sarah and I would appear to be going to see Wales vs New Zealand in Cardiff at the end of November. She's not anticipating a particularly healthy score line, but she's happy to be going, and I'm happy to be keeping her company. We can hopefully make something of a romantic weekend of it.

And Doctor Who might be shooting so I might get to go and do some...whatever it's called when you go and spy on TV programmes being made from afar. *ahem*