September 14th, 2010

Stephen Fry - smile

Stephen Fry...

...from the Royal Festival Hall (via the Vue Cinema Watford) was enjoyable last night. I could listen to him talk for ages. Must get hold of a copy of The Fry Chronicles. Mind you, I still haven't read Moab is my Washpot. ETA: Ooh! The MyFry app for iPhone is a thing of sheer beauty!

Right now, I'd love to re-read Making History. I don't know where my copy of it is, which is a bit of an obstacle to that. Once we've moved, maybe.

I'm also very very tempted to get a ticket to his Royal Albert Hall show - tickets are still available for the third date, 23rd September. Available, but not exactly cheap.

And it's the date we complete on the new house. Sarah might need me in some capacity. Actually, hang on - she does need me, on the Thursday night, to give her a lift from the Estate Agents. Arrgh.

Although I can just about get away with doing that and then heading into London...

Oh, the dilemma.

Still, the new series of QI starts on Friday.