September 26th, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Celebrity gossip

I know, not something I usually blog about, but I was thinking...

Normally, when a man and a woman get married, the woman takes on the surname of the man. (Whether that should be the case or not is another argument entirely. Bear with me.) And okay, in the case of celebrities a female celeb will normally keep her surname for showbiz purposes (not always the case; for example Jessica Hynes nee Stevenson), but presumably they legally change their name.

'Cos I was thinking. Katy Perry and Russell Brand are talking about getting married.

And if that happens...does Miss Perry become Katy Brand?

Enquiring minds demand to know.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

The new house... starting to resemble a home now; most of the things stuff we had at Chorleywood have now been moved over, unpacked, and had places found for them. The second and third batches will be done on Wednesday (from Barking and Chelmsford respectively), and hopefully by that evening we'll be ready to actually start living there properly; for the time being we're still sleeping at Chorleywood on account of the absence of a bed in the house at Hemel! But we were there most of today, and things have reached the point where we're moved in sufficiently to be having meals there.

And although we lack a television, I've been able to hook the Sky+ up to my laptop and program it to record the things I'd like to see, which is useful.

One thing I've discovered is that my ever expanding stock of books to be read is almost as big as the set of shelves I'd decided to store them on. So from now on, I hope to do a lot more reading and a lot less buying books!

This afternoon we entertained Claire (Sarah's sister) and Nick, and their children Michael and Rachael. Michael's about two and a half and he's into everything - if it's not screwed down, he tries to play with it, dissect it, or - in today's case - wash it thoroughly, soaking the bathroom floor and his clothes into the bargain! Rachael, at seven months, is altogether less mobile, and really sweet. She was smiling cheerfully for most of the day, until she got hungry and let us know it quite vocally.

Once we'd said goodbye to them, we had a walk down the road to the local Tesco, which is on a little estate, Henry Wells Square - home to a pharmacist, a newsagents, a pub, a community centre, a decidedly closed-looking hairdressers (the 'phone number on the sign is four digits, which I'd interpret as being really really old, but you never know), a chippie (where we got yesterday's dinner from), a launderette, and several other shops. There are a couple of parks nearby too, so that seems to be the real hub of the local community. I'll enjoy settling in.

Anyway, picked up some stuff from Tesco for dinner, and while I was cooking I gave my mum and my dad 'phone calls. It was nice to chat to them.

Speaking of 'phones, we've had a bit of a problem - although Sarah had contacted BT who had assured us that we'd have a number and an active line when we moved in, we're getting no signal in or out. And mobile signal is variable within the house (better upstairs than downstairs). After some time on the line to BT, it was eventually decided that an engineer would come to hopefully fix things up. On Wednesday afternoon. Personally I'd have said we're going to be busy enough already on Wednesday, but hey ho.

Also, the 'phone number we've had printed on our change of address cards was a digit out. Which is a bit of a nuisance. I'll be amending the Flocked entry with the correct number, but don't forget - don't call it until after Wednesday!