October 5th, 2010

Doctor Who - Fantastic


I'm a heck of a slow reader these days - I'm only up to page 363 of A Madness of Angels, despite having started way back in July (enjoying it, just making slow progress). But anyway, just found this bit and it made me grin somewhat:

"...there are three things that make Britain great...the second...is the BBC. It may be erratic, tabloid, under-funded and unreliable, but without the World Service, obscure Dickens adaptations, the today programme and Doctor Who, I honestly believe that the cultural and communal capacity of this country would have declined to the level of the apeman..."


Oh, and (c) Kate Griffin, 2009.

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

One for the Merlin fans

Sarah, ever the history geek, is watching Terry Jones' documentary series about the Crusades. I found his description of knights as "just a bunch of thugs in armour who like beating the crap out of each other" rather amusing, and can't help thinking that some sort of Merlin graphic (header or wallpaper) with this as text would be rather fun..!
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


Back from Back to the Future. The film was great as ever (although I now want to see II and III on the big screen too), visually wonderful with crisp vibrant colours, although the audio as far as I could tell was only stereo (I thought there was a surround version, at least on the DVD releases and presumably on the forthcoming blu-ray?). But yeah, good fun. I'm pretty much decided - I'm getting either a PS3 or a blu-ray player (the clincher will probably be: can PS3 be hacked to multi-region DVD playback?) for this, and also for Kick-Ass - I've held off getting the DVD as the extras are really rather meagre compared to the blu-ray release.

Anyway, trailers - Despicable Me looks fun, as does Megamind, but most excitingly there was what seemed like a new trailer for Tron: Legacy - the stuff in the real world was as I've seen before, with Bruce Boxleitner looking great for his age, but I swear some of the stuff inside the computer was new compared to the trailer that's been doing the rounds before. I could be wrong, though.

I still haven't seen a cinema trailer for The Deathly Hallows. In fact, I've not seen one at all. I know there are some doing the rounds on Youtube though - could anyone point me in the direction of any particularly good ones?