November 14th, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


I know that there is a word for paper and pens and staples and things sold at Staples. And I know that there is a word for when something is still, not moving, in a state of rest, etc. And I know that one of the words is stationery and one of them is stationary, and if pressed I'd hazard a guess at them being that way round. But is it terrible that at 40, I don't know for definite, and can't remember some handy mnemonic for them?

Blake's 7 - Maximum Power!

You won't stop the children of the revolution.

Sarah's work's Christmas do this year has a theme of glam rock. Can anyone help by pointing us in the direction of any retro stockists who might be able to supply clothes that would help her look the part? Or for that matter, giving us an idea of what would be a good idea for her to wear? I've shown her some Youtube vids of T Rex, but my knowledge of glam is...fairly limited.

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Sunday 14th November 2010

Well, I'm determined to be more organised, so here we go.

Today was actually a good start on the "being more organised" thing, as Sarah and I got the spare bedroom cleared of boxes, emptied many of them, put others up in the loft or the library/study, and then got the spare bedroom organised - set the bed in position with mattress on top (no pillows, alas, as I'm using them upstairs), got the wardrobe into position, and then also did the sideboard, fixing its legs in place. It feels good that we've finally got the spare room properly set up, and it prompted me to do an LJ post with a general invitation to anyone who fancies visiting and/or stopping over.

Sarah cooked me a sort of late breakfast/early lunch of a pizza. She objected at first, but I pointed out that really, tomatoes on toast is a perfectly valid breakfast, and pizza is just that with grilled cheese on top, so what's to object to? Although in the event, it was a bit overdone. (I like my pizzas brown, not black!!!)

I also got a bit of tidying up done whilst Sarah was out visiting her mum, who's house/cat-sitting over at Claire's and is having some problems with her teeth.

Had kind of hoped to get in a church visit this evening (there was no way I was going this morning, for obvious reasons), but in the event that fell by the wayside.

Another job I did today, on realising that we've got more pre-recorded VHS tapes than I'd thought (discovered a couple of boxes whilst clearing out the spare room), was to box some of them for the attic, but first of all to check for their availability on DVD; those that are available on DVD I've put on a special Amazon wish list ("VHS Replacement Project"; it's a private list), so that over time they can be replaced, and in the meantime, they're being stored up in the attic; whilst those that aren't avaiable on DVD I've kept on the shelf in the lounge, with a view to eventually digitising them at some time (not a priority, as I want to get on top of the stuff that's on the Sky+ box first, and also start doing some 7" and 12" record transfers too).

I spent a fair chunk of the day doing Sky+ imports, actually, with the result that by the end of the day I was quite pleasantly on top of most of it.