December 3rd, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Writer's Block: Since you've been gone

Do you keep in touch with any of your exes on LiveJournal or other social networking sites? When an ex friends you, do you usually friend them back? Why or why not?

I only have one actual proper ex to speak of, and although she is well aware (I hope) that the door is always open, I seriously doubt that she'll ever make any attempt to contact me.

Although I have occasionally looked up her name on Friends Reunited and Facebook, but to no avail.

Other exes - people I've been out with for a few weeks max - most I'm not in any real contact with anyway. One I am still on good terms with, and she came to mine & Sarah's wedding, but AFAIK she's not on Livejournal or any other social networking site. If she were to Friend me on any such site, I'd certainly reciprocate. In fact I'm thinking I'd like to get in touch with her and maybe touch base with her sometime over the Christmas holidays.
Spaced - There are some who call me...Ti

Oh yes, that was it...

...the reason I came to LJ wasn't to answer today's Writer's Block question, but was actually to mention - for the sake of anyone who may be interested - that Edgar Wright will be at Forbidden Planet London on Thursday December 30th, 5:30pm - 6:30pm, signing copies of the DVD release of Scott Pilgrim versus The World.

I may well try to make it there, although it'll probably involve taking a half day off work to get there early enough and get a good position in the queue. But should be worth it. Wondering whether I might take Hot Fuzz and/or the boxed set of Spaced for signing too...

Kind of surprised there hasn't been any major Merlin event since the season premiere back in September. Or if there has been, I've been blinked and missed it. :o/