December 13th, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


I'm five days away from being 41, and look forward to celebrating in style in Sheffield.

I'm also 370 days away from being 42, and look forward to...doing something geeky to mark the occasion, but am not sure what, just the fact that 42 is a Very Special Number in certain quarters of geekery makes it obvious that a geeky celebration would be The Right Thing To Do.

One of my ideas is, it would be nice to have enough money to be able to book Mitch Benn and Toby Hadoke to do some sort of combined gig for myself and some select invited friends and family. Possible, but I suspect unlikely. (Anyone know how much they charge?)

Beyond that, though, my imagination is somewhat lacking, so if anybody has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.
Pet Shop Boys - animated

One man campaign

Because I'd love to see a Christmas number one that is a.) not X-Factor related, b.) actually festive, and c.) by my favourite group, I'm starting a Campaign to persuade people that it would really really be worth a smidgin of their moneys to purchase the Pet Shop Boys' song It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas from iTunes and get it to number one for Christmas. So if that idea floats your particular boat, feel free to post this in your LJ and in any communities of relevance. And then don't forget to buy it. I think to actually be Christmas number one, it would have to be bought this week, so it would go into the charts announced next Sunday, which will be the charts that apply on Saturday December 25th.

btw, I'm thinking of the UK charts, but if you're not in the UK you can try to get it to number one wherever you are.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Writer's Block: Time after time

If you fall in love with a book or movie, do you tend to watch/read it again and again? If so, what's your upper limit on repeats?

Why, yes!

I used to watch Titanic about once every six months. Although on one occasion I watched it three times in one week. It depends on the film (or TV series, for that matter - I'll happily dip into an old Doctor Who) and on what mood I'm in, but yes, the films I utterly utterly love, I'll re-watch from time to time. I don't really have an upper limit as such. Books, less so, if only because I'm not a terribly fast reader these days, and have three shelves of books waiting to be read as it is - re-reading old ones is not currently on my horizon. Unlike Sarah, who is planning on re-reading the first eight books of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series in readiness for...her Christmas present. Whatever that might be. *evil grin*