December 30th, 2010

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Thursday 30th December 2010

Again I took Sarah to the railway station, and again went back to sleep afterwards, and again after Sarah woke me up with a 'phone call I then procrastinated and ended up not getting into the office until about midday. Again, spent the day getting the pharmacy rotas for the next few days into the Health Directory.

I can't remember, but I might have deliberately worked late today just to make sure I didn't have too much to do tomorrow.

The new Doctor Who Magazine special (the second volume of the season 5 companion, by Andrew Pixley) was released today, so I looked around a few specialist sites and eventually found that the Who Shop were selling copies, so I ordered a copy from them. Looking forward to that!

Apart from that, can't remember anything specific about today, except that I was probably doing some more watching of Knight and Day when I got home tonight. Heck, probably finished it.