January 7th, 2011

Blake's 7 - Maximum Power!

TV stuff.

So, there's a press release out for the new series of Being Human. All good stuff, mildly spoilery, but I don't notice any sign of a date. Mmph.

Speaking of which, when the heck's Christopher and his kind going to be transmitted? It's got bloomin' Doctor Who in it, for goodness' sake, BBC!

Apparently, a start date for Torchwood series 4 has been set (July 1st). I'm actually vaguely excited about this, despite a nasty feeling that it could be a complete mess.

The new series of The Hustle starts tonight. Sarah, I...suppose I might just be persuaded to very very grudgingly give you permission to watch it. Even if Leverage is miles better and I still can't work out what you see in Robert Vaughan... *g*

Now I've got all of Blake's 7 on DVD I'm sorely tempted to bung on Terminal tonight. Just because I can never get enough of Servalan's "MAXIMUM POWER" bit...
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

We haven't any Mercury

I've started listening to Rondo Veneziano in readiness for my trip to the Canaletto exhibition tomorrow.

Except in the car, where three of my CDs had been left in there too long and have turned into Queen's The Platinum Collection. Which is not a bad thing.

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