March 4th, 2011

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Writer's Block: If I could find my way

If you could turn back time, how far back would you go?

I'd go back to 1963, armed with a video recorder equipped to record 405 lines, and record all the missing episodes of Doctor Who, then come back to the present day and give them to the BBC so that they could be released on DVD and all the fans could benefit.

I'd also warn myself that in August 1996, I'll meet a person called Jane, and not, under any circumstances, to marry her; save yourself for Sarah. October 30th 2004 will be a very special day, and 19th September 2009 an even specialler day.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Writer's Block: Life's lessons

If you could confront the worst teacher you've ever had, what would you tell him or her?

I don't know. The worst teacher I ever had, from what I recall, had a fundamental problem of being unable to control the children in his class. It didn't help that, IIRC, he was fairly softly spoken. Discipline, to put it frankly, didn't come naturally to him. For all that I wasn't the best pupil in the world, I did actually want to learn, and his classes seemed to just devolve into utter chaos, in which environment it was difficult to hear what he was saying.

Whether I'd tell him that if I had a chance, I don't know. As it is, I mentioned him on Friends Reunited a few years ago and was told that he'd died.
Pet Shop Boys - animated

Deny that happiness is open as an option...

Okay, I know I love the Pet Shop Boys, probably always will, but seriously? Love is a Catastrophe is quite possibly the most depressing song in the history of anything ever. And I've got shedloads of Martyn Joseph songs in my music collection. And Sam Brown's 43 Minutes.
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Kind of a bit random, but...

Is anyone on my Flist planning on going to BiCon this year? I've been thinking of going the last few years, but this year I think I'll make the effort - there were flyers going round at Redemption (I think after the Future Bisexism panel, which I didn't make it to, unfortunately), which a.) reminded me about it and b.) informed me that it's not taking place over the August Bank Holiday weekend this year (which I think it has done recently), which actually makes it slightly easier for me as over the Bank Holiday Sarah & I will be doing stuff (not sure what, although we keep talking vaguely about a romantic weekend in Paris...mind you, Sarah keeps reminding me that over a Bank Holiday weekend, the travel is going to be more expensive). But it'd be nice to know if anyone else I know either will be there or for that matter has been there in the past (would be nice to get a sort of idea of what to expect).
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Erk. The office is just achingly hot and sticky today. Don't get me wrong, I love my work, but just right now, I could do with going home. Or at least feeling some sort of breeze through the windows here. I mean, when I got in the car this morning there was a "risk of ice" warning. Maybe they're just overcompensating by having the heating on full whack? Yeah, that would make sense, I guess...
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Well, *that* didn't last long...

You know how I wasn't going to be debating for same-sex marriage on that forum to give my mental health a bit of a chance? Yeah, well...erm. I may have got a wee bit angry at the most prominent of my opponents. I wasn't actually rude, but I did rather give him the length of my tongue.