March 14th, 2011

Being Human - Squee

Being Human fourth series confirmed!

Yayness abounds! Hopefully there'll be more Lee Ingleby. More Lacey Turner wouldn't be entirely unappreciated.

Source - the Being Human blog (contains spoilers for the end of series 3).

Oh, and...whenever Steven Moffat decides to hang up his hat as Doctor Who showrunner (which I hope will be a good few years away yet) - Toby Whithouse would really be a good choice to replace him. Just sayin'. In case anyone from the BBC is reading this. *ahem*
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

More TV good news - Fringe this time.

Not an actual formal announcement this time, but despite the doom-mongering following Fringe's relocation to a Friday slot, John Noble seems to think its future for a fourth series is secure. Okay, he's not a decision-maker on these things, but OTOH he ought to know.

Now, if we can only persuade Sky to get its backside into gear and start showing the third season... (Don't tell me they've started it already and I missed it...I normally check every week or so...)

Source - Digital Spy.