March 15th, 2011

Doctor Who - Eleven

Matt Smith. He's taking over the world.

Matt Smith's on the cover of next week's Radio Times, promoting Christopher and his kind.

Is there anyone out there who doesn't know that Christopher and his kind goes out this Saturday at 9:30pm on BBC2? Well, you know now. Also, there's an interview with Christopher Isherwood from 1969 being shown on BBC4 straight afterwards, which should be interesting.

I only noticed recently that Christopher and his kind is directed by Geoffrey Sax, who also directed the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie. Which probably isn't desperately important, but sets my geeky fanboy senses tingling.

And of course, Comic Relief is on Friday, featuring loads of goodies, including a special Doctor Who episode featuring Matt, Arthur Darvill, and Karen Gillan twice. Or something like that.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

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Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Minor annoyance

I've just discovered that I've left my iPod at home. I've also left my headphones attached to them, so I can't even listen to what little music I've got on my iPhone. Rabbits.

Also, am rather miffed that the escalating fuel prices are seeing me get through over £50 a week in diesel for the car, but that still works out cheaper than either a coach or train (which are more expensive just as they are; even more so when you factor in the need for a bus at either end of the journey).

Although I might consider sometimes getting the train in, just so I can relax rather than having to concentrate on driving.
Mini me


Feeling a bit *bleh* at the moment. Nothing major, and it might pass pretty quickly, but if anyone out there could offer a few v-hugs, good vibes, prayers, thoughts, etc., it would certainly help.

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Some positive things from the last few days...

  • Discovered that there's a Kindle for iPhone app which rather gloriously (and, IIRC, unlike Apple's own iBooks app) is compatible with iPhone 3 running iOS 3, so I've downloaded that. Although I don't really have the budget to buy actual books until I next get paid, and anyway I've got a massive stack of books waiting to be read, I've downloaded a couple of sample chapters - one from that gay superheroes book I linked to the other day, and one from a Mike Carey book. I just love the fact that you can download sample chapters!

  • At work, there's a poster up just outside the kitchen advertising the forthcoming Comic Relief. A post of a certain David Tennant wearing a William Shakespeare T-shirt. Um. BRB flailing...

  • I've been reading my way through rj_anderson's faery trilogy (actually, there's a fourth book coming out, but not for a year, so it's a trilogy at the moment), Knife, Rebel, and Arrow. They're absolutely wonderful - seriously, I can't praise them highly enough. Nominally they're children's books, but honestly I think they've got the appeal for all ages. They're definitely faery books with a twist (as the ad in the front of Arrow says - "no rainbows. No pink. No sparkles," with plots that are perfectly followable but full of some wonderful twists and turns that keep you guessing where they're going to go. Seriously, if you like fantasy novels, I highly recommend them.

  • (And after that, moving on to entorien's T'fae books, which I'm looking forward to).

  • Musing about buying a Wii console next time I get paid (as some of the consoles are going for about £50 - £60 on eBay), and then getting Wii Fit Plus and the Balance Board and starting some basic exercises. It's not cheap, but compared to gym memberships it's quite manageable. And of course I can get some other games for it too, I'm not silly.

  • I'm going to try to get into some sort of daily routine, including not necessarily dieting, but at least having regular meals and not snacking. I'm not eating as much chocolates and crisps as I used to, but I'm still eating way too much.

  • Went for an assessment interview on Monday with a view to counselling. That's definitely going to go ahead, but there's quite a waiting list so it won't start until after Easter. But it's a start. The depression (and the whatever else is kicking around in my brain, because I'm increasingly convinced that it's not just depression) is still there, it still hits me from some time, it still hurts when it hits, and I need to learn some decent coping strategies for when it happens. I'd also like to get to the root of whatever's behind it - I still attribute at least part of the blame to the breakup of my first marriage, but I sort of think that if I'm still grieving that 12 years on, maybe it would be nice to be able to get over it - if that's possible - and move on.

  • Sarah and I, and a local guy, are starting some RPGing, on Sunday afternoons, using the Savage Worlds rule system and the Deadlands setting. That should be fun. Also, Sarah's getting back into martial arts, which she used to do a lot of - she's spent the last couple of Saturday mornings down at the local Dojo (well, technically the local sports centre), and is also doing a fair bit of Warhammer 40,000.

  • On Sunday, we had our neighbours over for lunch. I cooked - roast chicken, followed by apple crumble. The first time, I think, that I'd made a crumble, but it went well.

  • Bit longer back, but the weekend we before last we spent a very pleasant afternoon in the presence of multiclassgeek and zoeiona, followed by a very pleasant evening with gaspode and gaspodia, where we watched episodes of Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated, which was great fun and full of wonderfully knowing jokes, a bit on a par with Dangermouse; and Black Books, which I'm vaguely sure I watched first time it was on, but I actually liked it this time and I'm kind of determined to see more of it. And I still need to show Sarah How do you want me?

Think that's it.