March 18th, 2011

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

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OCD much?

So on the way to work today, I filled the car up at the local Texaco.

I then, of course, had to listen to The Church's Day of the Dead, just because of that line at the end, "We filled the tank up with Texaco."

Well, the fact that it's a good song, on a good album, by a good band, doesn't hurt, I guess...

Dai de los muertos.
Doctor Who - nightmares animated

More OldSkool Doctor Who news...

BBC Books are releasing new editions of six classic Doctor Who Target novelisations, retaining the original cover art by Chris Achilleos, with a new bronzed up version of the Pertwee/TV Movie logo (similar, I think, to the one that featured on the early McGann Big Finish audios), and new introductions from the likes of Russell T Davies and Neil Gaiman. More info here. All books priced at £4:99 each, which seems a fair deal.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Writer's Block: Where's the receipt?

What was the worst significant purchase you ever made, and why?

I don't know about "significant," but I just bought the Rebecca Black song Friday from iTunes to see if it can really possibly be as bad as people are saying.

It then occurred to me that by buying it legitimately, I'm increasing her revenue and adding to its UK chart success. Which if it is as bad as people say (I've not listened to it yet), I'm not sure is something I want to have done...