March 19th, 2011



So, um, yeah. New temporary journal header. Less than a week after the last one. I know, so shoot me. But anyway. Hard to resist after last night!

There will probably be another new one soon anyway, of a Christopher and his kind nature. We'll see.

Probably ought to do an Amy icon to go with the new header, thinking about it...

ETA: Done.


What can I say? Been meaning to do this one for ages. It's one of Sarah's sisters cats. The look on its face says it all. But the text helps...

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Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Time Team

Just settling down to watch Wednesday's Time Team special - which discusses new evidence that changes our understanding of the Battle of Bosworth.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Collapse )

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

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  • Fri, 12:37: RT @DeathStarPR: Great moments in Earth history 1611- Shakespeare writes The Winter's Tale & The Tempest. 2011-Rebecca Black's Friday ge ...
  • Fri, 12:41: Today's #ff is for comedian, musician, actor, and all-round decent bloke Lord @MitchBenn. A very intelligent and erudite Twitterer.
  • Fri, 15:14: Writer's Block: Where's the receipt?
  • Fri, 16:22: Am curious - what's the arrangement with @lauriepink's drawing stuff for a Comic Relief donation?
  • Fri, 16:26: #nowplaying shedloads of Duran Duran that's on my iPod, starting with Planet Earth. Can't beat a bit of Duran Duran.
  • Fri, 16:51: #24hrDraw @lauriepink I've just made my donation. Could you draw for me a Dalek next to the TARDIS? Why yes, I *am* a Doctor Who geek...
  • Fri, 17:52: Why yes, I *am* in an irritatingly good mood at the moment...
  • Fri, 18:43: #nowplaying - Daydreaming by Dusty Springfield. Only #petshopboys would have the nerve to ask her to rap. But by crikey, it works!
  • Fri, 18:48: Whenever people mention Lady Gaga's song "Born this way", I think of Dusty's song of the same name. I've not heard the Lady Gaga song. Yet,
  • Fri, 19:04: #nowplaying Journey of the Sorceror by the Eagles, aka theme from H2G2. And the award for best use of a banjo in a rock song goes to...
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