March 21st, 2011

Supernatural - Jensen leg guitar


Just found this userpic kicking around on my work PC and figured I may as well upload it.

Daft question - I know I didn't make it; does anyone know who did? If so, do please let me know, as I hate to use icons without giving credit.

Second daft question - can I now make it through today without wanting to at least listen to Eye of the Tiger, and ideally watch that clip from Supernatural? *


* I think "no" is the answer to go for, if you're in doubt...
I support gay marriage


More iconage - another one I found kicking around on my work PC. The irony being I've been looking for one along these lines for the last week weeks. Nice to find one at last, and so close to home!

(Mind you, I'm a pedantic old sod - it's not gay marriage, it's same sex marriage. *insert grumble here about bisexual invisibility...*)

I had to scrunch it up a bit to make it fit LJ specs (it was 120 x 100 originally; the "it's about love not gender" line isn't as clear as I'd like) but even so, quite a pleasant find. Again, though - does anyone have any idea who made this one?

I'm now at 206 out of 207 userpic allocation. I suspect I might buy more space when I next get paid...