March 28th, 2011

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

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Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

The weekend.

Saturday was an enjoyable day - nice and productive, I got a lot of tidying and cleaning and washing up done, as well as some reading, some beta reading, and some diary work. Then in the evening, Sarah and I pootled down to Chelmsford for a friend's 30th birthday party (if you're reading this: Hi, Penny!!!). That was enjoyable, but unfortunately Sarah's not very good with the noise levels and even with her earplugs in she had an increasing headache during the course of the evening. Which meant I drove us back, and then when we got back Sarah slept in the bed upstairs, whilst I had the sofa in the lounge (the sooner we get the spare bedroom tidied again, the better!).

Possibly as a result of that - I had a headache the following morning, and Sarah's hadn't got better, so our plans changed and we just spent a large chunk of the day asleep on various painkillers. I had some food at one point, but it rather refused to stay down, which was annoying.

By the evening, we both felt fairly improved, but not too active - Sarah watched some of her American Civil War DVD and then Wonders of the Universe at 9:00pm, whilst I did a bit of reading and also...this:

Which is pleasantly life-sucking and highly recommended!

This morning - despite the whole clocks going forward thing (in fairness, I've had a day to get over it), I'm feeling quite chipper - possibly over the latest heavy batch of depression that hit last week.

Oh, and we need to do that blessed census this evening. I think, despite my earlier protestations, that we'll do it online. Less hassle.