April 5th, 2011

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Really really daft question...

...to which I don't really expect an answer, but then if you can't be all rhetorical then what's the point of life?

Busy collating the pharmacy rotas for the east of England for the Easter/Royal Wedding/May bank holidays, and musing - there seem, in Suffolk, to be a lot of Tesco pharmacies that are open all the bank holidays except for the Royal Wedding one. T'other Tesco pharmacies seem to be open pretty much all through the holidays (Easter Sunday being the obvious exception), but in Suffolk, the Royal Wedding day there're tons that are closed.

Leading to the question - is Suffolk some kind of royalist stronghold?

Yeah, I know. I said I didn't expect an answer...
Mini me


Came on feeling really low during the drive home. No apparent reason.

Hugs would be greatly appreciated right now, please...
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Pleasant things

On Sunday we had a family meal to celebrate Mothering Sunday - me & Sarah, mum & Malcolm, Antonia and Richard, Jakob and Eleni. I took a lovely picture of Malcolm holding Eleni:


That was in Loch Fyne in Chelmsford. On Saturday Sarah and I took Rita (Sarah's mum) to a place I'd found on the internet, Miller and Carter, a steakhouse/bar/grill. It looks like there's about a dozen of them around the country, and if you can find one near you I can't recommend it highly enough - seriously, lovely food, good service, nice environment.

(Irony of ironies - there's actually one in Chelmsford! We'll have to bear that in mind next time we have Brider family get-togethers.)