April 14th, 2011

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Not wishing to be deliberately cryptic, but...

...I've had what's potentially a rather wonderful idea.

The only reason I'm not going into detail about it is, because, well, I could be wrong, it might actually be a rubbish idea. And it concerns at least one other person, and I want to make sure that person's okay with it before actually being all "GOSH WOW YES THIS IS A-HAPPENING," and even if t'other person says "yep, I think you're right," there's all sorts of practicalities to iron out, but, yeah, I'm getting all kind of tingly thinking about it.

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Oh, and by the way...

I'm really looking forward to this Sunday.

Not because it's my sister's birthday (although I'm kind of looking forward to that as well, obv.). No, it's because by then, the following Saturday's programmes should start to appear on the Sky+ EPG.

In other words, I should be able to program the Sky+ to record the new series of Doctor Who. ***yippee***

I don't really have a one-track mind, honest... ;oÞ
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Writer's Block: Next stop: Hollywood

Which book that you've read would make a great movie, and why? Who would you pick to play the main characters?

The thing that I'd really love to see adapted for the screen - although the length of it would probably mean that it needs to be a succession of mini-series (say about six hour-long episodes per book, roughly), is Julian May's Saga of the Exiles, Intervention, and Galactic Milieu Trilogy. Ever since I first read them I've wanted to see them adapted for the screen.

Also, a similar series of adaptations of Clive Cussler's books, rendered as faithfully as possible so as not to hack him off (he does have a habit of finding adaptations of his books offensively bad; in the case of Raise the Titanic I think that's a bit unfair, but in the case of Sahara I couldn't possibly comment), but with actual realistic non-clunky dialogue. Probably starting from about the point his books starting pushing the 500-page mark (which IIRC is Cyclops, although I wouldn't say no to an adaptation of Night Probe).

In neither case have I given any thought as to who should play the characters, though.