April 17th, 2011

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Thanks to my mum being really really ultra-generous, Sarah and I have a Nice New Toy - a Blu-Ray player, specifically a Philips BDP3100/05, which rather wonderfully (and I didn't notice until I was perusing the box whilst we were at mum's a while back) has one of those USB option things - so I've just plugged in my external hard drive and browsed the various bits of video on there. It's also hackable to region-free (for DVDs, at least) - when mum offered to buy us a player, that was one of the criteria in making our selection. Also, it's less than £100 in Argos, 'cos we didn't want my mum spending a small fortune on us.

So I've just entered the region free code, and am now enjoying my Back to the Future R1 DVDs for the first time in I can't remember when, playing air guitar to Huey Lewis and the News, and reciting half the dialogue a beat ahead of the actors. Yay!

[Pauses to bemoan my lack of a BTTF userpic. Goes for next best thing.]
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