April 27th, 2011

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Writer's Block: Taking a trip with Mrs. Tibble

What name would you give to your car or bicycle, and why?

Well, the ideal would be to have a vintage yellow roadster called Bessie, wouldn't it? Sarah's never owned a vintage yellow roadster, but I called her new (as opposed to classic) red Mini "Bessie" anyway.

Now she's got a red Peugeot 207, which I call Peggy. Just because I think "Peggy the Peugeot" sounds suitably alliterative.

I think Sarah would ideally like a black Pontiac Trans Am. No prizes for guessing what we'd call that, *ahem*.
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We've come on holiday by mistake

Well, actually it was entirely deliberate - we decided that after spending a few days in Birmingham for this year's EasterCon, we'd spend the following week up in the Lake District. But given where we are (not far from Penrith) the Withnail & I reference was irresistable. (One day, I will actually have to persuade Sarah to watch that with me.)

We're in quite a pleasant studio flat in the north east extremes of the Lake District, so going out and seeing stuff is going to involve lengthy drives, for the most part. We'll probably do a bit of that, and a bit of just chilling and relaxing where we are - it's nice to just be away from the daily routine.

(Friday will, of course, be Royal Wedding Avoidance Day. It shouldn't be that difficult to avoid, actually, although we are surprisingly well connected - good 'phone signal, good internet on the 'phone, TV with Freeview (Saturday evening yay!), and even wi-fi nearby.)
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