May 3rd, 2011

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Back to life, back to reality...

...back to home and back to work.

So just to clarify...on the Thursday before Good Friday, we went up to Birmingham for EasterCon, and then the Tuesday after Easter Monday we travelled up to the Lake District. The whole week before Good Friday was a bit weird anyway, as our car failed its MOT because of the prang I'd had in Tesco car park back in January, and although we found, via the insurance company, somewhere that could fix it and get it re-MOTed, they couldn't supply a courtesy car, so we managed at short notice to get a rental car for the week. So that week, I was driving to and from work in that, until Thursday, when Sarah drove me up to work, picked up our car from the garage, returned the rental car to the rental company, and then drove up to my workplace in our car and took us up to Birmingham. All good fun and games.

Anyway, we got home from the Lake District last night, via a stop off in Sheffield to say "hi" to blazingskies and greyfore in their nice shiny new home. It was an interesting holiday, mostly characterised by not doing anywhere near as much as we could have done (not helped by Saturday's shenanigans, as documented here, here, here, and here and some pretty strong winds over the weekend), and we've decided to rectify that by going back there this October. Seriously, there's just so much to do up there, it would be a shame not to do at least a sizeable proportion of it. In the event, as we spent Tuesday travelling up there, and Wednesday chilling out on the grounds that neither of us got paid until Thursday, Saturday I was on my own in the flat because of Sarah's - ultimately wasted - journey to Hemel, and she didn't get back until nearly lunchtime on Sunday, all we actually managed to fit in was a visit to the rather beautiful Blackwell and the less beautiful but still fascinating Lakeland Motor Museum on the Thursday, followed on the Friday by a trip over Ullswater and a visit to The Lakeland Bird of Prey Centre.

I now expect to be spending most of today at work trying to remember exactly what it is I do here, and the rest of today at work trying to remember exactly how to do it. Normal service will be resumed just as soon as I am sure what is normal anyway...
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

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Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Writer's Block: Portal 17

Do you think video games will still be popular in 15 years? How do you think they'll change?

Well, they've grown in popularity over the past 35 years or so, so I don't think they'll decline in popularity all of a sudden! More than that, who knows? Predicting the future is notoriously a mug's game, and I've no idea where the technology's going to go. About all I'll say for certain is that I don't think we've seen the last of the various Guitar Hero/Rock Band franchises. And on a personal note, I really really hope we get a Lego Doctor Who game.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Doctor Who audios keeping me company at work...

So, moved on from Flip-Flop (my brain appears to have survived unfried) to Full Fathom Five, which I'd not listened to properly before despite owning it since...well, when it first came out. Rather good, IMO.

Now moved on to He Jests At Scars.... IIRC that's a bit of a fanwank nightmare, so not guaranteeing my brain will survive this one. And I don't think it was quite as fanwanky as The Quantum Archangel...
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Geek Lego

Over the weekend, I was saying to Sarah I'd love to get hold of an Airfix (or similar) Space Shuttle kit, but actually, y'know what, this could be kind of awesome, particularly as it doesn't involve glue (I always used to make horrible messes with Airfix kits and glue in my younger days) and can be built and rebuilt repeatedly. On the negative side, the price tag. But, worth saving up.

And I giggled at this bit:

"Assembly Required: No" O-o-o-o-ka-a-a-ay... (Has Amazon missed the point of Lego?!)