May 26th, 2011

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Writer's Block: Revenge of the midnight movie

What is your favorite cult film, and why?

I guess I've got three favourite "cult" films, but they're all on the mainstream edge of cult - Donnie Darko, Withnail and I, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I think my favourite is Donnie Darko, just because it's so fascinatingly multi-layered - really a great film to think about the meaning behind it, and the narrative complexities of it. It's also very well made, and the cast is excellent. I'll single out Drew Barrymore because I think she's always excellent anyway, but the whole cast is top notch. But all three of those films are good in their own way, IMO.
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Supernatural fan meet-up

Those of you on my Flist who a.) are Supernatural fans, b.) aren't doing anything on Saturday 11th June and c.) are in or around the London area, may be interested in one of stopwatch_plz's SPN fan meet-ups.

Details as follows:

What: You know the score by now... fangirls, fanboys, cheap pub, long afternoon, bar staff looking at us in a concerned manner... ;-)

When: Saturday 11 June - from 2pm until they kick us out or we get asked to leave ;-)

Where: Same as always, Penderels Oak pub in Holborn.

Why: Because you know you need to squee/rant/rave/wibble about the boys and everything else!

Who: Everyone - bring your friends/partner(s) - hell, even your friends partner (as long as you have permission! XD) All are welcome to join the crazy!

If you can make it along, just pop over to stopwatch_plz's journal and leave a note here.
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