May 27th, 2011

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Writer's Block: Fast-food TV

Are there any dreadfully bad TV shows that you wouldn't want your friends to know you watch? Confess! (This is LiveJournal, where we love you unconditionally.)

Erm. Well, I love Crime Traveller, but despite its bad reputation in some quarters I don't feel remotely ashamed of that, 'cos I think it's really jolly good.

Let me think...

Okay, many years ago there was an actress I quite liked called Caroline Waldron, and she was in a sitcom called What you lookin' at? And it was...not much cop. That's being charitable. It was produced by Humphrey Barclay, who on the basis of his CV probably ought to have known better (apart from anything else he was, at the time, also producing the rather more acclaimed Desmond's).

I mean, I've not got much to be ashamed of - I probably watched it precisely once, at the time it first went out, although I've almost certainly still got it on tape (in the attic). But yeah, I think of all the things I've ever watched, that's the one that on balance I feel most terminally embarrassed about.
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Pro Europe

Listening to The Final Countdown is so much more fun on a day when a random American dude hasn't decided that the world's going to end at 6:00pm.

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Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

We provide...dice.

Reading through the d20 Moden rulebook, it just me, or do the basic classes look pretty much like the main characters in Leverage? Parker = Fast Hero; Eliot = Tough Hero*; Hardison = Smart Hero; Nate = Dedicated Hero**; Sophie = Charismatic Hero.

And, y'know, if anyone decides to do a Fringe campaign setting using d20 Modern, I wouldn't object. Same goes for Fringe or Chuck.

* possibly multiclass Tough/Strong
** possibly multiclass Dedicated/Charismatic