July 12th, 2011

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


Sarah and I had a very pleasant weekend indeed, visiting cu_sith at her place in Bournemouth, and her friend Martin. An enjoyable time of watching vids - various Horrible Histories songs which have got me darned near converted, Zero Punctuation, and at one point when Sarah & Martin popped out for pizza, cu_sith and I managed most of an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Band Candy) which reminded me a.) how much I enjoy it, and b.) how much I really ought to get back to watching it. And Angel.

Then on the Sunday, gaming, or more specifically Portal, which is a darned sight less frustrating now I know what I'm doing, whilst Sarah popped out to enjoy the midday sun and the beach. Then when we all started to get hungry we went to a little seafood café/restaurant near the Triangle (I think it was called Atlantica, but don't quote me on that). I had a very pleasant fish and chips.

The Triangle was where much of Bournemouth's Pride was taking place (called Bourne Free, as the name "Pride" has been nicked by an entirely unrelated event involving statues of lions). I'd've liked to have gone along to some of the events, but didn't. Maybe next year.

After food, we wandered down to the sea front through the park, and spent about half an hour there just chatting and watching the world go by, before popping back to the flat, re-loading the car, and departing to Hemel. Sad to wave friends goodbye, but hopefully we'll see them again before too long.

I notice with absolutely no surprise whatsoever that Bournemouth has been voted the happiest town in Britain. It's entirely deserved, IMO. Admittedly I'm only a visitor, but whenever I've gone there I've found it a lovely place. As it's only about a couple of hours drive from Hemel I hope we might be able to go down there again for the occasional weekend. Indeed, as it's not far from Swanage, we could visit there too. Our honeyversary this year will be spent back in the Lake District, and although I don't regret that decision in the slightest I do have a little pang to go back to Swanage, so...

Back home (well, at work right now) I'm feeling a lot less depressed than I was last week, and also doing a bit more ripping my vinyl collection to CD. Although I need to do a bit of tidying up round the house.